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Welcome to My Home Page
Hi. This isn't me, although it looks a bit like me. And it's not my car, although it looks a bit like a car. I'm going to post my picture, and my car, and my bio, and all about me very soon.

Stay tuned.
This Ain't Levittown
And certainly not Park Ridge. But it might be, some day. So stick around.
Turn Left at the Coin Department
Welcome to the world's first Law Firm in a Department Store. We may be out of business, but we can still do your will, sue your employer, scare your husband, or institutionalize your mother. Just tell us what you'd like, and we'll tell you whether you can afford it. Couldn't be easier!!

You think I spend all my time playing tennis?
Only in Chicago.
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Where can I find a 2-bedroom for under 300/month?

I have no idea what the picture above is about!
But who's got time to add meaningful pics? Now I just pose for them.
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